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Smart Beehive Monitor.

Buy it with/without a beehive. It sends real time information from your apiary to your mobile device. Get instant notifications on hive status.

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Mono-Floral Honey Market.

From the smart beehives of crop pollinated, sell your mono-floral honey at a higher price on a global market.

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What we do…

We embed sensors inside beehives to continuously monitor temperature, humidity, weight, and sound to alert beekeepers on mobile devices. We collect and analyze this data using AI algorithms to provide a decision support system. Anabi also links beekeepers with mono-floral honey to a global honey market through its online platform.

Where are we?

Contact us to start using our services. We are partnering/collaborating with various stake holders, Holeta bee research center and iceaddis. We are also developing our technology based or reference with smart apiculture management services (SAMS), an international collaboration on smart beekeeping.