About Us

Our Approach

Anabi envisions to create smart beekeeping solutions in order to sustain bees in the planets ecosystem.

Our goal in the coming five years is to disperse our technology in all major apiary practiced areas in Ethiopia and Africa. We plan to impact Ethiopia’s  honey production. Anabi aims to benefit farmers from  more quantity/quality crop yield  in coffee, sesame, fruits, and etc.  We will introduce farmers with a new apiary management system. Finally, benefit our  country’s and Africa’s economy from increased honey and other crop export.

Meet the Team

We are a team dedicated in transforming the apiculture sector in Ethiopia and across the globe. Our board holds leading researchers in apiculture and IOT.

Abiye Tadeos Teklegiorgis

Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur and embedded systems engineer.

Mekasha Tesfaye

Angel and Partner

Business Man

Fasil Endalkachew

Full stack web developer

Simon Ndungu.

Hardware and radio frequency engineer.

Next Steps…

Contact us to start using our services. We also seek for partners working on IOT and the apiculture sector.